Curiosità: l'origano. | Itaworld

Curiosity: oregano.

Oregano 🌿 is a very famous spice in Mediterranean cuisine. Known as Origanum vulgare, it has belonged to folk medicine since ancient times.

The essential oil contained in oregano is the most powerful natural antiseptic known so far, at least as regards the essences extracted from plants.

Among the various uses of this aromatic plant we find:

- Promotes digestion, so it is used as a decoction and infusion.

- Among many uses there is also to keep ants away in a natural way. Just sprinkle the areas infested with these insects to get rid of them.

- Effective remedy for sore throat. Practice gargle based on water and oregano, boiled for a few minutes and then filtered.

- In case of a cold you can do inhalations with essential oil of oregano, or still prepare an infusion and drink it several times. day.

- It would also have antioxidant properties, especially the essential oil.

- Effective antiparasitic action especially towards intestinal agents.
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