Panna cotta al basilico. | Itaworld

Panna cotta with basil.

How to prepare a delicious basil panna cotta;
This is a decidedly unusual version of the classic panna cotta, perfect for trying something new and surprising your guests.

400 ml of liquid cream
100 gr of sugar
15-20 basil leaves
200 ml of milk
8 gr of isinglass


Soak the isinglass in 3 tablespoons of cold milk for 10 minutes.
Wash the basil leaves 🌱 and blend them with the sugar.
Put the mixture on the stove with the remaining milk and melt over low heat. Add the cream and wait for it to boil.
Add the isinglass and the soaking milk and stir continuously without leaving lumps, if they should form, filter the cream before placing it in the molds.
Put the mixture in the molds ( 5-6) and refrigerate for 4-5 hours.
Half an hour before unmolding the molds, move the panna cotta to the freezer.

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