Shipping policy

Couriers used

ITAWORLD undertakes to deliver the products ordered by the Customer using reliable couriers, at the address specified by the same when registering the order data; no responsibility can be attributed to Pianteweb in case of delay in the order or delivery of the order. The choice of the courier to use for the shipment of goods is evaluated from time to time according to the weight of the products purchased, the size and the shipping location, directly from Itaword.

Packing of Goods

We guarantee the utmost care and professionalism in the packaging of the products, guaranteeing the minimum risk of being able to receive the damaged goods.

Shipment Tracking

All registered Customers who purchase on ITAWORLD will be notified by e-mail of the shipment of the goods and will be given the code necessary to monitor the shipment on the website of the courier used, if available.

Estimated Delivery Times

From the date of shipment, the couriers used normally deliver within 24/72 hours. The processing of the order with the completion of all the packaging operations and administrative procedures, normally takes place within 24/72 hours (Saturday, Sunday, holidays and pre-holidays excluded) from the sending to the Customer of the acceptance e-mail of the order.

Elements that affect delivery times are the total weight of the goods, the type of goods ordered, the type of shipment chosen and the destination.

Shipping costs

The packaging and shipping costs are charged to the Customer, except for special promotions implemented on the Site. During the online ordering procedure, the software will automatically calculate the shipping costs based on the large between the total gross weight of the purchased goods (goods weight plus packaging) and the volumetric weight resulting from the size of the package, the country and area of ​​destination, the payment method and the type of shipment chosen. The Customer therefore has the opportunity to immediately know the cost of shipping and decide whether or not to confirm the order.

However, for purchases of particularly fragile and / or bulky or heavy items, for shipments to Sardinia, the Minor Islands and in disadvantaged locations, and for shipments abroad (intra and extra EU countries), the costs of Shipment may be subject to variations which will be promptly communicated to the Customer in the order acceptance e-mail or by telephone to request approval.

Up to 2 delivery attempts are foreseen, the second will be agreed by telephone with the recipient.
A maximum storage of 5 days is expected at the headquarters of the Courier used, finished which the goods will be returned to ITAWORLD with consequent cancellation of the order and debit of the outward and return shipping costs to the Customer. Any redelivery after the release of the stock will be charged to the Customer.

In these cases, if the Customer considers the adjusted costs not convenient, he will be entitled to refuse the adjustment by requesting immediate cancellation of the order placed.

Fixed deposit at the headquarters of the Courier

Customers who need a collection agreed with the courier, can request in the order notes, the shipment in "Stationary Deposit". In this case they will have to collect the goods directly from the courier we use, from which we will provide all the necessary information, within 4 days from the date of arrival.Cash on delivery

is not accepted for this delivery method

Free Shipping

For purchases that exceed the sum of 79.00 Euro, the shipping costs are free, with the exception of the surcharge for payment on delivery which will in any case be due.


The goods travel exclusively at the Customer's risk. We recommend, especially in the case of fragile goods, to sign on the withdrawal note with "Control reserve" in order to take advantage of the possibility of requesting the replacement of the damaged goods. We will not accept any objection if the withdrawal is not carried out in the aforementioned manner.